Harry White Appointed Naugatuck River Steward


Harry White Appointed Naugatuck River Steward

Harry White Appointed Naugatuck River Steward


3/22/2001 — —

On March 1, 2001, the Naugatuck Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited appointed Harry White (MF ’00 Yale) to the position of Naugatuck River Steward. White is a Yale-trained ecologist with extensive academic and practical experience in natural areas preservation in western Connecticut.

As Naugatuck River Steward, Harry White will work to advance river restoration through habitat improvement projects, development of fisheries management plans, research and monitoring, strengthening of watershed-scale coalitions and dissemination of information to citizens and local and State government officials. In order to accomplish these goals, he will work with State and local government agencies and will provide needed technical support to mission-critical volunteer efforts, such as the TU Naugatuck Riverkeepers and other monitoring and restoration groups within the watershed.

The River Steward’s primary goal is to continue the dramatic improvements in water and habitat quality achieved over the past decade by a coalition consisting of the two Naugatuck Valley Chapters of Trout Unlimited, the Naugatuck River Watershed Association, other local citizen groups, the municipalities along the river, the CT Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The work of this coalition resulted in sewage treatment plant upgrades for cities along the river, and in an unprecedented dam removal and fish passage construction project involving nine consecutive dams on the main stem of the Naugatuck River. By providing the river with a full-time professional advocate, Trout Unlimited endeavors to restore clean water and strong, healthy fisheries to the Naugatuck River and its many tributaries. The position of River Steward is made possible by an environmental donation from The Harold Leever Foundation and MacDermid Inc.

For more information, please contact: Harry White Albin Weber Naugatuck River Steward Trout Unlimited Naugatuck Valley Chapter 860-379-5559 203-262-8558 harry@connix.com GRAPEFISHR@aol.com

*Attached is a Mission Document from the River Steward Harry White Please read on!

Harry White 3/5/00 Naugatuck River Steward Trout Unlimited, Naugatuck Valley Chapter PO Box 100, Middlebury, CT 06762

Conserve, Protect, and Restore,

Now that most of the barriers to life in the Naugatuck River have been removed, it is time to unite the communities who share this potentially-rich resource. The River Steward endeavors to advance river restoration efforts by monitoring the river, improving habitats, providing research, disseminating information, working with governmental agencies, and fostering and supporting citizen coalitions.

  • The role of the River Steward is to:
  • continue the progress of the restoration of the Naugatuck River
  • represent the biological integrity of the Naugatuck River at the local, state, and national levels
  • act as a catalyst for the accomplishment of the Chapter’s program goals
  • administer the annual planning and budget matters of the Chapter
  • continue the watershed-scale work of the Naugatuck River Watershed Association
  • work at the community level to promote river conservation and restoration partnerships and funding
  • produce and provide information regarding the scientific, regulatory, and public interest values of the river
  • foster the perpetuation and growth of mission-critical volunteer efforts in the watershed, esp. with the riverkeepers.
  • Through independent action, technical partnerships, and work with citizen coalitions, the technical aspect of the River Steward position encompasses:
  • overall river restoration planning and implementation
  • fisheries restoration
  • Brass City Fishing Tournament
  • watershed inspection programs
  • storm water management
  • non-point source impact amelioration
  • flow volume standards implementation and improvement
  • voting role on the Naugatuck Valley EPA Brownfields Pilot Program
  • inland wetland protection
  • wildlife habitat restoration and improvement
  • riverine thermal regime improvement
  • greenway and access development
  • voting role on the State of CT Citizens Advisory Council
  • Specific projects slated for the River Steward include:
  • production of the State of the River report the Naugatuck River “scorecard”
  • Fisheries Plan development and advocacy
  • development of riverside pocket parks such as Riverbend Park
  • establishment of the Naugatuck River Greenway
  • production of final deliverables for open grants
  • advocacy for the establishment of TMAs on the Naugatuck River
  • supporting the Riverkeepers and their projects
  • initiation and perpetuation of outreach programs for youth and civic organizations
  • development of a static display for libraries (etc.) documenting the Chapter’s accomplishments on the river
  • grant writing and fund-raising for projects

Date: 3/22/2001