Nevada working on legislative solution bolster sage grouse populations

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Contact: Jim Jeffress (775) 560-9594

Washington D.C. — A proposal put out by Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller is taking a hard look at ways to improve odds for sage grouse by embarking on a massive collaboration between a wide variety of stakeholders.

The discussion draft released today begins to outline ways to help bolster sage grouse populations in the state of Nevada. Currently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether or not to list the bird on the endangered species list, a move that would put many Western states in a conundrum.

Trout Unlimited announced their support of the draft, specifically noting the move to protect and improve habitat as a major benefit to not just sage grouse, but many of the species associated with healthy riparian areas and sagebrush-steppe landscapes.

Whats good for trout is often good for sage grouse, and vice-versa, said Jim Jeffress, public lands coordinator for Trout Unlimited. Native and sport fish waters are a primary concern of Trout Unlimited. Healthy stream systems and riparian areas for trout provide late summer brood areas for sage grouse, a key component for this species. Movement toward multiple species benefit is always primary goal of Trout Unlimited. We like the general direction this is headed and are looking forward to working with our delegation and partners to find the right answer for Nevada.