Protect Our Waters Coalition Responds to Nestles Decision to Leave McCloud

September 10, 2009


Curtis Knight, California Trout 530-859-1872
Debra Anderson, McCloud Watershed Council 530-345-5603
Brian Johnson, Trout Unlimited 415-385-0796

Protect Our Waters Coalition Responds to Nestles Decision to Leave McCloud

McCloud, CA. The Protect Our Waters Coalition today issued the response below to the announcement that Nestle has come to the conclusion not to pursue the purchase of McClouds spring water and the development of a water bottling facility.

The Protect Our Waters Coalition has maintained a candid and constructive dialogue in the recent past with Nestle and appreciates the openness with which Nestle has recently considered our ideas and stated concerns. The project started out on the wrong foot but overtime Nestle improved their process for siting a bottling plant by reaching out to the public and conducting sound science.

The protection of the cold, clean spring waters that feed the McCloud River has been our primary objective throughout this process, said Brian Johnson, Director of Trout Unlimiteds California Water Project.

Curtis Knight, Mount Shasta Area Manager for California Trout, said We were especially pleased by Nestles commitment last year to undertake a two-year scientific study on Squaw Valley Creek. The studies being implemented are comprehensive and the increased knowledge of the watershed is a benefit to the community.

In August 2008 Nestle announced the cancellation of the original 2003 contract with the McCloud Community Services District. Subsequently, Nestle announced that it would consider a smaller water purchase and bottling facility and began a series of meetings at which the company sought public input on its revised proposal. This summer the company told community members that due to the upcoming opening of a new plant in Sacramento and the overall economic environment it was in the process of evaluating its business need for a plant in McCloud. That analysis was completed and resulted in the company deciding to withdraw its McCloud proposal.

We understand Nestles decision to not continue the process of locating a bottling plant in McCloud, said Debra Anderson, President of the McCloud Watershed Council. With the Nestle project no longer an issue, we are looking forward to both assisting Nestle in any way we can to find a buyer for its 240 acre property in McCloud and in working with community members and other local organizations to develop plans for and to help bring about sustainable economical development in McCloud.