TU Applauds Vote on CT House Bill 5277


TU Applauds Vote on CT House Bill 5277

March 20, 2006

Contact: Kirt Mayland, Eastern Water Project Director, 860-435-2073 (w); 646-302-3639 (c)

TU Applauds the Environment Committee Vote on CT House Bill 5277
Committee vote is an important step toward better management of states river and stream flows

HARTFORD — Trout Unlimited (TU), the nations leading coldwater fisheries conservation organization, today applauded the action by the Legislatures Environment Committee to pass HB 5277. The bill gives the DEP the right to review and regulate water uses that are particularly abusive to rivers and are currently grandfathered out of any environmental review.

Currently, approximately 87% of all state water consumed is not subject to any environmental review. This grandfathering of water withdrawals resulted in one of the largest fish kills in the states history last summer when a stretch of the Fenton River was completely dewatered by the University of Connecticut. The lack of a permitting process for so many of the states water withdrawals was also the root of the famous litigation on the Shepaug River, which cost the parties about $6 million and has forced them to look to the state this year for $3 million in funding.

Significant leadership for this bill has been provided by Representatives Richard Roy (Milford), Roberta Willis (Salisbury) and Mary Mushinsky (Wallingford) and Senator Bill Finch (Bridgeport).

This bill address the biggest gap in state water policy said Kirt Mayland, TUs Eastern Water Project Director. With this authority, the DEP will now be able to do its job and prevent more Fentons and Shepaugs from occurring in future years. Bill Blaufuss, Chair of TUs volunteer Connecticut Council, praised the passage of the bill by the Committee. This bill is long overdue and represents a major step forward by the state towards restoration of many of its depleted waterways. Without a bill like this, Connecticut will not be able to ensure either sustainable water supply for future generations or the health of our rivers and streams

Trout Unlimited is North Americas leading coldwater fisheries conservation organization, with 150,000 members dedicated to the protection and restoration of trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. The Eastern Water Project is a new program focused on creating state policies that promote sustainable water management and healthy instream flows.

Date: 3/20/2006