TU Podcast: CEO Chris Wood Interviews Henry Winkler

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TU Podcast: CEO Chris Wood Interviews Henry Winkler
The Fonz talks about fly fishing, softball and his new book

WASHINGTON, D.C.Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood interviews the renowned actor and entertainer Henry Winkler in this weeks TU podcast, available for free at iTunes or at TUs website.

Winkler, probably best known for his work as The Fonz on TVs Happy Days, is still doing television, and appears regularly on USA Networks Royal Pains. Hes written a new book titled, Ive Never Met an Idiot on the River.

Woods short conversation with Winkler includes the actor reading a bit from his book, and discussions on everything from fly fishing the Firehole River to the Happy Days traveling softball team.

Henry Winkler is an icon of American television, and I especially appreciate that hes a fly fisherman with a sense of humor, Wood said. We should all approach the craft the way Henry does.

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