TU Seeks Nominations for "America's Least Wanted Dams"


TU Seeks Nominations for “America’s Least Wanted Dams”

TU Seeks Nominations for
“America’s Least Wanted Dams”


5/17/1999 — — Dear Leader,

Newly added to our web site is a nomination form for the Trout Unlimited/American Rivers: Least Wanted Dams and Dam Removal Success Stories Report, along with a cover letter from TU President Charles Gauvin announcing the project. As you’ll see from Charles’ letter, our two organizations are teaming up to gather information and produce materials that will be used in national efforts to restore more rivers and streams through selective removal of dams. (Please Click Here to download the nomination form in Adobe PDF format).

Is there a “success story” in your state that we can highlight?

1. Please note that there are two deadlines, one of which — the deadline for nomination of dam removal success stories — is just three weeks away.

2. I intended to get this form to you earlier, but I didn’t. I don’t want you or other TU volunteers to bear undue burden in an effort to have a “success story” site in your state nominated. So, HERE’S MY OFFER…

*** If you know of a river or stream in your state that has been restored through dam removal and may be worthy of a case study, but you don’t believe you can complete the attached nomination form within three weeks (to be postmarked May 31), please contact my assistant Karen Tuerk (608-250-2757 or ktuerk@tu.org ) or me (608-231-9950 or johnson@tu.org) right away. Karen and I will help you gather the information needed to submit a complete nomination by the due date. ***

Inclusion of a river restoration “success story” from your state in the national publication provides valuable opportunity for increasing awareness and understanding of your council or chapters work (even if your group was not directly involved in the dam removal). If your “success story” is among those selected for publication, TU’s communications director Pete Rafle and I are available to help with media coverage in your state if you like. Please consider carefully whether your state has experiences to share, and don’t hesitate to contact Karen or me.

Thanks so much for your help!

Sara Johnson Director of Volunteer Operations
Trout Unlimited
3602 Wyota Ave.
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 231-9950
fax: (608) 231-9960

Date: 5/17/1999