Methow Valley Irrigation System Upgrade


Trout Unlimited is constructing a complete irrigation system upgrade with the goal of increasing anadromous and resident fish populations in the Twisp and Methow Rivers of central Washington State. TU’s Methow Valley Irrigation District Project seeks to protect as much as 11 cfs instream flows by changing the point of diversion from the Twisp River at river mile 3.5 to the Methow River, which will greatly improve stream temperature conditions and provide additional depth/habitat during critical low-water periods to benefit ESA listed Chinook, Steelhead and Bull Trout. 


This multi-phased project will leave 11 cfs in the lower 3.5 miles of the Twisp River by: eliminating the Twisp River diversion and replacing it with a Methow River pumping station; and piping the entire irrigation canal. 


For many years, TU has been working in cooperation with the MVID Board and Members, as well as multiple funding partners including the Washington State Department of Ecology, the Bureau of Reclamation, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Department of Fish and Wildlife, and NOAA Fisheries. The project now has full support from the stakeholders, who have passed the critical milestone of selecting a design alternative for the project.

Staff Contact

Lisa Pelly, director, TU Washington Water Project