Frog Creek Partners

About Us

Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology manufacturing company based on the North Platte River in Wyoming. We offer innovative products that clean water and provide measurable results. We are a mission driven company dedicated to improving the health of watersheds by fostering long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and anybody else who has a passion for clean water like we do. Get your mind into the Gutter™. Because Clean Water is a Good Thing™

What we do

Frog Creek Partners produces the patented Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system. The Gutter Bin is a catch basin filter insert that removes pollution within a drop inlet, curb inlet, or trench drain which results in cleaner rivers and oceans. The adjustable frame and funnel directs polluted water into the Mundus Bag® water filter where the pollution is removed from water. An adjustable overflow allows high flow events to bypass the filter system. The system is easily maintained and works for years to protect sensitive waters. We work closely with corporations, NGOs, governments and individuals to perform Clean Water Community Challenges in communities. Gutter Bins are donated to cities through public private partnerships and maintained by the city. It is a win for the sponsor, city, and the environment.

Where we do it

Frog Creek Partners provides our products and services all over North American. We are headquartered on the banks of the North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming just downstream of Grey Reef…a blue ribbon trout stream. The main reason we do what we do is to remove pollution from stormwater. Scientists have proven that one smoked cigarette butt placed into a liter of water with 10 minnows will kill half the fish in four days. One cigarette can kill five fish! Over 4 trillion butts are littered annually around the world. Nicotine is one of the strongest insecticides known to mankind. If we can capture or prevent more cigarette litter from city streets, then we will help save the trout. A lot of people don’t realize that all of the trash, hydrocarbons, tire treads, and heavy metals on the streets drains directly to the river or ocean when it rains. This is why we need to filter stormwater…to protect the fish and the water. Thank you!


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