Texas Injection Molding

About Us

Why “Texas” Injection Molding? Why did we choose the name “Texas” Injection Molding? The name “Texas” could simply describe our location, but to Texans and to non-Texans the name “Texas” creates a vision that is far beyond a location on a map. Formerly part of Mexico, Tejas was settled by pioneering citizens of the United States who wanted to carve out a new life where they could purchase large amounts of land for pennies if they agreed to terms to support the Mexican government, culture and laws. These settlers were hard working, adventurous, entrepreneurial, and fiercely independent. The character of Texas was built upon courageous and visionary Men like Sam Houston, Stephen F Austin, William B Travis, and Davie Crockett who led the revolution against Mexico. Texas is a unique state with a rich history that has uniquely shaped the spirit and culture of the people who live in Texas.

Located just a few miles from the grounds of the battle of San Jacinto where Texas won its independence from Mexico by defeating General Santa Anna’s army, Texas Injection Molding operates in the spirit of Texas and the Texans that dared to stand up for what they believe. May God Bless Texas!

Texas Injection Molding was founded with the vision to apply our God-given gifts and talents to be the best supplier to our customers, best employer to our team, and best customer to our vendors. We believe that a world class custom injection molding company is built upon People, Process control and Technology.

People – A business is only as good as it people. Our people provide value to our customers through delivering creative ideas and innovative solutions. As such we seek to build our team with people that share our Core Values and have strong plastic engineering, technical and interpersonal skills.

Process Control – Controlling the manufacturing process is critical to provide for the management and reliable growth of the operation. We will employ world class systems to control and support information management, manufacturing processes, quality systems, inventory, safety, environmental and other systems necessary to provide our customers defect free products to committed delivery dates.

Technology – Talented people and great systems can only deliver quality injection molded parts on-time with reliable technology. We are committed to maintain modern injection molding equipment, necessary auxiliary equipment, and supporting quality laboratory and injection mold maintenance and repair resources to support molding production.

The “Secret Sauce” or “magic in the bottle” that makes any company a great place to do business with and a great place to work is culture. We work very hard to wrap our strategy of People, Process and Technology with a culture where team members genuinely care for each other. When we care for each other, everything takes care of itself. We care for our customers, our equipment, our facilities and create an atmosphere that is an attractive and enjoyable place to work and do business.

What we do

Texas Injection Molding specializes in supplying engineering grade plastic parts to manufacturers and end use product companies. Our Engineering staff delivers decades of experience in supporting product design, plastic material selection, injection mold building and production support. Our team has been involved in the development and production of many plastic injection molded projects in the energy, life science, electronics, food and beverage, firearms and consumer products

Where we do it

We call Houston, Texas home and mainly serve customers located in the south central United States, but the products we manufacture for our customers are used across the globe.


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Phone (281)-489-4292
Website http://www.texasinjectionmolding.com
Address 11015 Bay Commerce Drive
Houston, Texas