Westbank Anglers

About Us

Westbank Anglers first opened their doors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Oct. 1, 1986. Thirty-seven years later, a lot has changed, but several things remain the same: Remarkably, we are still in the same original location on the Moose Wilson Road; we are a leading global resource in the world of fly fishing; we are committed to the preservation and protection of all waters and environments; and we are here to provide a service.

What we do

Westbank Anglers is your one-stop-shop for all things fly fishing. We are committed to the conservation and preservation of all waters and environments and base our outfitting on that premise. No matter where you are going, we are prepared to outfit you!

Where we do it

Westbank Anglers is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, though we are committed to helping you get outfitted for your trip no matter where you are or where you’re going!


Email Michael  Dawes <info@westbankanglers.com>
Phone (307) 733-6483
Website https://westbankanglers.com/
Address 3670 Moose Wilson Rd
Wilson, Wyoming