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CorQ’s Tactical Strike Indicator, ($6.49), Reviewed by Ron Gardner

In 2016, I wrote in these pages about my absolute devotion to the traditional CorQ strike indicator, and how the “thindicator” that CorQ had just released made detecting the most softly sipping trout easy to spot.  Well, they’ve done it again—upped their game with the CorQ tactical strike indicator.

Shaped a bit like a torpedo, this is an indicator that you thread onto you line when you rig up and securing it in place with small rubber stoppers above and below the indicator.  Once attached, the indicator stays solidly in place when casting, but is easily moved up and down your leader to allow you to precisely target different parts of the water column.  And because it comes not only in natural cork, but a variety of neon colors as well, it is easy to stop in the fastest running riffles—but sits calmly and serenely in the flats—making it undetectable to the wary trout below.  And its shape also meant that it doesn’t create a lot of drag on your cast, allowing you to get the long drifts you sometimes need when fishing calm waters where you can’t afford to line spook the fish.

As an added bonus, I used some of the extra rubber stoppers to attach a “movable hopper” when I moved away from a straight nymph rig to a hopper dropper combination.  This allowed me to make sure I was getting both the top and bottom of the river covered—no matter the depth of the water!

I’ve told many people over the years that CorQ indicators are one of the three things that has made a real difference in my fishing (the other two will remain a mystery for the moment).  And the tactical indicator adds to that arsenal.  In short, it’s a product worth having in your arsenal as well.

RIO Euro Nymph leader

RIO Products, ($9.99), Reviewed by Chris Hunt

If Euro-nymphing is your thing, you need this tapered leader. Not only is it a high-quality leader designed to withstand the rigors of dredging heavy flies over rocks and debris, it also comes equipped with colored stretches of line that give you all the data you need to determine just how deep your flies are and how they’re tracking through the current.

The RIO Euro Nymph leader simply removes some the calculus from this long-rod discipline, leaving you to enjoy the fishing … and the catching.

RIO SlickCast, ($123.45), Reviewed by Tim Romano

RIO Products launches SlickCast, the slickest, most durable line coating on the market – producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line

RIO Products Proudly Announce The Most Significant Technology Introduction The Fly Line World Has Ever Seen

 RIO Products, manufacturer of world class fly lines, leaders, tippet material and flies, announce the release of a radical new coating technology called SlickCast.

SlickCast is a fly line coating that has been formulated and developed by RIO’s R&D team with the goal of creating the slickest, most durable fly line on the market. The proof that the R&D team have met and surpassed this goal has been shown in lab tests, where fly lines built with SlickCast have the lowest amount of friction to ever have been measured in a fly line. This exceptionally low friction makes it easier to shoot line – resulting in longer casts, easier distance, and effortless feeding of slack into extended drag-free drifts.

It is not just in slickness that fly lines built with SlickCast excel, but in life span and longevity too. SlickCast’s proprietary formulation produces an exceptionally tough, durable fly line, with lab tests showing the coating to be 33% more resistant to cracking, and over 140% more resistant to abrasion than the next toughest fly line on the market.

SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable fly lines in history. Lines built with SlickCast out cast, and out last everything else on the market, ensuring that this industry changing technology sets the new benchmark in fly line performance.

RIO launches this new coating by upgrading its core trout lines; the RIO Gold, RIO Grand, RIO Perception and Technical Trout, with the new SlickCast coating. Fly fishers around the world will marvel at the performance increase, and extended life span that this new coating gives their go-to trout lines.

Airflo Lines, ($123.45), Reviewed by Tim Romano

Airflo: It’s time to mend your line.

For nearly 70 years, most fly lines have been made from PVC – a material historically known to be incredibly toxic and one that even today, remains environmentally problematic. Here’s why:

PVC is naturally rigid. So, PVC line manufacturers must use plasticizers to make their lines supple enough to be cast. Unfortunately, these plasticizers contain chemicals that are known environmental toxins. And from the moment the line is produced, these plasticizers begin to leach into the environment – contaminating you and the waters you fish. Once the line has shed enough of these plasticizers, it becomes stiff and prone to cracking, even failure. What’s more, PVC is known to release lethal, bio-accumulating toxins called Dioxin as it breaks down – rendering PVC lines impossible to safely recycle or even dispose of.

We’ve never used PVC to produce our fly lines. And we never will. You see, since 1984, Airflo lines have been made from Polyurethane. PU is far less harmful to the environment, is chemically inert, is naturally supple, and doesn’t require the use any plasticizers whatsoever. And because PU is a true thermo plastic, it can be safely reheated and reused / recycled multiple times.

Airflo lines enjoy some of the most sophisticated, best casting tapers in the business. Our welded loops are the strongest in the industry. And thanks to the unique qualities of PU, we can infinitely vary both the density and suppleness of a line across its entire length – allowing us to produce lines with an incredibly wide range of performance characteristics.

With all of these benefits, and none of the environmental drawbacks of PVC, isn’t it time you switch to Airflo? They’ll perform better for you and the environment. Learn more about the entire Airflo line as well as specific tapers here.