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Quick Tip: Girth hitch your cam straps

Look at 10 different rafts and you most likely see 10 different ways to rig the exact same thing. Almost every time I go out on a trip with other folks for an extended period of time, I learn something about rigging. Some good, some bad, and some will change the way you do things permanently.

This one I learned a while ago, but honestly had completely forgotten about until a recent trip down the main stem of the Salmon River a few weeks ago. It’s incredibly basic — but super handy for organization, keeping the raft tidy (high on the list for anglers) and most importantly it keeps cam straps where they should be and doesn’t let them wander off after unbuckling.

The Cam Loop.

All it really consists of is using a girth hitch to attach your cam-strap to the frame, d-ring … whatever really. It’s great for attaching your frame to the boat as the strap cannot fall off or when you’re lashing down a cargo net, cooler, or bigger cam straps to contain gear day after day on multi-night river trips. There’s no confusion as to what goes where the next morning during rigging as the cam straps stay put when you unbuckle them. The downside is you do use just a little more webbing material, thus shortening the length of the strap, but we’re talking mere inches for most tubing on frames.

Try it. I’ll bet you like it.