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New gear: Cheeky's new pliers and backing

As Cheeky’s Ted Upton says, “We like to have a little fun with our designs.”

That would explain the rainbow of color options for the manufacturer’s quality fly reels—the color options give customers the ability to add a little personality to their angling. And now, Cheeky is expanding it’s “fun” product line to include new saltwater pliers with replacable stainless steel tips and cutters—these 7.5-inch tools are a larger, more durable version of the company’s 5.5-inch pliers.

Cheeky Fishing – New Products from Angling Trade Media and Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

And, even more fun … colored backing. Green, blue, orange, yellow, pink. You decide how to spice up that stretch of line that most of us hope to get to see once in a while when fighting a big fish. No, it’s not always about function (although I would argue that a really good pair of pliers is need for any saltwater adventure), and it is, indeed, fun to spice up our gear with new colors and more creative options. Check out these and more products from Cheeky.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.