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New gear: Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack

I was pretty sure that nothing could convince me to step away from my newfound “less is more” approach to trout fishing. Years ago, I was a vest guy—load up the pockets of the fishing vest with everything you need and off you go. Then I tried the lanyard approach, which I also loved, but found, in the long run, to be undependable—things kept breaking or falling off. Finally, I went to the sling pack, which, if I had to pick among the methods for carrying gear, would be my favorite.

That is, until this last summer, when, more often than not, I would don my Simms wet-wading boots and simply stuff the pockets of my cargo shorts with the needed tippets, leaders, fly boxes, hemostats and nippers and just go fishing. It helped, too, that I camped a lot this last year, and was able to set up shop within earshot of the water (always a nice bonus).

Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack from Angling Trade Media and Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.

But now, I’m starting to reevaluate everything. Again. The new Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack has me “pack-curious” again, particularly for some of the backcountry fishing I’ve been doing of late in my research for a new guidebook I’m completing about Yellowstone National Park’s wild trout. Several times this past summer, I was left wanting when it came to being able to carry just enough stuff, but not too much. Check out the video above, and you’ll see what I mean. The shiftable hip pack is a true innovation. I’m going to give this pack a shot.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.