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Unlimited Trout?
"You want to be a fishtronaut? You can swim on the moon!" By Chris Hunt
The bi-partisan Sportsmen's Act passed through the Senate Committee for Environment and Public Works. 
The Clean Water Rule, when fully implemented, will protect small headwater streams like this one in southwest Montana from unpermitted development.  By Steve Moyer
America's trout and salmon were dealt a blow today by Congress, which passed a bill that would trash the Clean Water Rule and prevent future rules like it. Fortunately, the White House has promised a veto.   
Photo by Jeff Feczko, courtesy Cheeky Fishing.   by Chris Hunt
by Chris Hunt The infamous CuttyRainBrown is the unicorn of the fly fishing world. The coldwater sasquatch, as it were. America's Loch Ness Monster. The fishy chupacabra. 
The Clean Water Rule, despite court challenges and implementation problems, remained intact and was not put in peril in the federal omibus spending bill approved by Congress last week.  By Steve Moyer
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Talking trout Down Under
TU’s Dr. Dan Dauwalter giving the keynote address at Fisheries Victoria's Talk Wild Trout 2015 conference.   By Dan Dauwalter