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I need to get out more....  I was on the upper Madison for a few days helping to lead a TU Veterans Service Partnership event iwth TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.
The dates of the Annual TU Meeting in Bozeman are fast approaching, and the fishing is improving every day!  Southwest Montana has been receiving much needed cooler weather and precipitation, some of it in the form of snow in the mountains, and the trout are responding!
Congrats and thank you to Coulee TU Chapter on running its very first Veterans Service Partnership event! I will let the words of Coulee TU's Will Lusignan and the pictures from the outing speak to the success of the event! Well done Coulee TU!
Day 1 of the TAPS TU VSP Men's Retreat at Parade Rest Ranch near West Yellowstone, Montana was a great success!  We caught some nice trout, rode some horses (nobody got bucked off!), and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the mountains and moving water of southwest Montana!
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Whirling Disease Discovered in Bow River
More cases of whirling disease have been found in Banff National Park — this time in the Bow River, elevating concerns for southern Alberta’s fish populations.    
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Annual Meeting Update September 9
Fishing conditions continue to improve, and the outlook for great fishing during the upcoming TU Annual Meeting in Bozeman is great!  The weather has cooled off, dramatically, we've had snow in the mountains, and river temperatures have dropped into the perfect range for good fishing!  
I spent yesterday afternoon volunteering at a Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks boat inspection and cleaning station located on I-90 between Bozeman and Livingston (Yellowstone River).
Sept. 1 Update: The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission opened two sections of the Yellowstone River Thursday, Sept. 1, due to the improvement of environmental conditions that led the Commission to close the river and all of its associated tributaries on Aug. 19.
Today, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Fish and Game Commission are holding a conference call to discuss the Yellowstone PKD outbreak and the 183 mile river and tributary closure. There's been some indication that much of the closure will be rolled back.
A press release just sent out by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks on the PKD outbreak in the Yellowstone River.