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Fish out of water
By Shauna Sherard   I think this is what they call a teachable moment. Or a learning moment. Perhaps a moment to reflect, or even all of the above.
“This is a moderate, common sense and modest bill,” said Bruce Farling in a story in the Helena Independent Record. “This is only targeting mines creating the most problems in the state, and a number of modern mines have left some unreclaimed messes.”
The state of Wyoming got the attention of anglers when it’s long-awaited water strategy report was released.
By Michael Power  “The hope of the future lies not in curbing the influence of human occupancy – it is already too late for that – but in creating a better understanding of the extent of that influence and a new ethic for its governance.” 
Utah National Public Radio aired a piece this week highlighting the work of Trout Unlimited's staff on the Upper Bear River.
  Anglers were thrilled with a bill introduced this week by Rep. Gale Tarleton in Washington state that aims to reign in suction dredging. 
Jan. 21, 2015 For immediate release Contact: Gregg Bafundo (206) 276-4843, gbaffundo@tu.orgCrystal Elliot (509) 386-7768,  
What is TU is doing about suction dredging in Washington State?
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What is suction dredging?
What is Suction Dredging?
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5 Rivers Program wins grant
Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers college program is honored to have been selected by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) as one of the inaugural recipients of an $8,050 AFFTA Fisheries Fund grant. The Fisheries Fund was established in 2014 to promote the sport and industry of fly fishing [ READ MORE... ]