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While much of the news about public lands has been about fighting off attempts to sell what belongs to the public, Trout Unlimited and it’s partners in Idaho spent part of this year’s legislative session finding proactive ways to recognize the importance of public lands.
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Defending Idaho public lands
As suspected, public lands came under attack during the 2016 Legislature. Although legal theories proposed to transfer federal lands to the states have been discredited, Idaho Legislators continue to push this agenda in the halls of the state Capitol.
By Michael Gibson
The Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Trout Unlimited and Partners was awarded the first ever annual Aquatic Habitat Award by the Idaho Chapter American Fisheries Society for the Jackknife Watershed Restoration Project.
Trout Unlimited recently took its message of river restoration and watershed protection to 20 elementary school kids in Hailey, Idaho.
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Sun River
Over the years, the Sun River has suffered from chronic dewatering and sediment pollution from the aptly-named Muddy Creek.
In early February, members from the Redsides and Coastal Cutthroat chapters joined forces with members of Project Healing Waters and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife to begin several week’s worth of volunteer work as part of Trout Unlimited’s “citizen science” effort.
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The line in the sand
We are all owners of this vast, productive, intriguing, healing and sometimes stunningly beautiful suite of public lands. Highlands, lowlands, forested, bare, mountainous and windswept desert, lands left to us by great thinkers that came before, the ones who knew the value of land and the great [ READ MORE... ]
Earlier this week, the President unveiled his Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal highlighting, among other accomplishments, that it “protects and modernizes our water supply and preserves our natural landscapes.” We were thrilled to see this commitment represented within the Bureau of Reclamation’s $ [ READ MORE... ]
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Cleaning up the Little Blackfoot
In November 2008, a plume of orange, metals-laden water rushed down the Little Blackfoot River, coloring it for miles downstream. An adit at an abandoned mine site had backed up and blown out – similar to the recent and highly publicized event on the Animas River.