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Henry David Thoreau has always had a mixed reputation here in Maine.  Sure, he may have been a giant of American literature and patron saint of the environmental movement, but he got nervous when his Penobscot Indian guide left him alone at the campsite for 90 minutes, started a forest fire in [ READ MORE... ]
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Spotlight on Browns Canyon
What would Theodore Roosevelt do? He’d protect Browns Canyon.   The green drake hatch on Penns Creek. Browns slurping midnight Hex on the Pere Marquette. Salmonflies on Montana’s Madison River. The brown drakes of Silver Creek. These are some of America’s most celebrated moments in fly-fishing, but [ READ MORE... ]
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Monuments 101
Note: this is the first in a series of blogs detailing the Antiquities Act and national monuments that matter to hunters and anglers. Come back and visit in the coming days to learn more about your public lands and how national monuments conserve our hunting and fishing heritage. And while you’re [ READ MORE... ]
The Montana House of Representatives took the side of the hard rock mining industry when they voted to table a common-sense bill, HB 593, recently. HB 593, introduced by Representative Nate McConnell (D-Missoula), would have required an independent audit of mining companies every 3 years. These [ READ MORE... ]
After intense pressure from sportsmen and a shift in legislative strategy, Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read said last week that he now supports keeping the Elliott State Forest in public hands. 
A bill that would protect lands in Okanagan County from mining is moving forward after a markup in today’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing. 
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee marked up a bill that would protect more than 100,000 acres of habitat important to North Umpqua steelhead in Oregon.
Order will impact hunting and fishing heritage for generations to come An executive order signed by President Trump yesterday will likely have far-reaching consequences for hunters and anglers as temperatures warm.
​To everyone who drew a permit to float Montana's Smith let us be the first to say: Congratulations, you lucky son-of-a-gun. Not only are you about to embark on one of the country's most amazing floats, you have also earned the distinction of making nearly 10,000 hopeful applicants from across the [ READ MORE... ]
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Reforming mining in Montana
There is a systemic problem with the hard rock mining industry in Montana.