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Monumental Myths
By Corey Fisher Monumental Myth #1: National monuments are a land grab.
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Clean Water Rule Unraveled
Today, the EPA published a proposed rule that begins the process of unraveling the protections of the Clean Water Act for small headwater streams. Today’s proposal would rescind the Clean Water Rule, which was completed in 2015 after more than one million public comments and extensive scientific [ READ MORE... ]
But fast forward 25 years, and the Blackfoot is on the rise due largely in part to the hard work of Montana Trout Unlimited, Blackfoot valley ranchers and landowners, local agencies and the $15 million in funds dedicated to restoring this place that inspired a thousand casts.
On April 26, President Trump ordered Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of national monuments more than 100,000 acres designated since 1996. The executive order further instructed the Secretary to provide “recommendations for such Presidential actions, legislative proposals, [ READ MORE... ]
111 years ago today, Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law, cementing the importance of our public lands heritage for decades to come. Since then, millions of acres have been set aside for the benefit of the American people in the form of national monuments.
By David Kyle What is a kokannee?
Sunset at Boswell Landing 2015. Photo: Paul Hosford/U.S. Forest Service By Jen Ripple
A recent collaboration between Trout Unlimited’s Idaho Water Project and Science Program will help ensure that projected impacts of climate change are incorporated into water resource work in Idaho.
The Red River crashes into the Rio Grande deep in the gorge. On the rim 800 feet above, the confluence is hidden. Low pinon and juniper poke up from the flat, sage-covered mesa. To the east, the Sangre De Cristo Mountains loom. Below, the gorge stretches out before you, a long rent in the earth [ READ MORE... ]
Note: this is part of a series of blogs detailing the Antiquities Act and national monuments that matter to hunters and anglers. Come back and visit in the coming days to learn more about your public lands and how national monuments conserve our hunting and fishing heritage.