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One of about a million things that I love about working in conservation is the fact that you tend to work with great people. Bright, innovative people with a desire to use their business to give back to conservation. Let me introduce you to one of them, our newest TU Business member.
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TU at IFTD 2015
What's big and loud and exciting and fun in Orlando? Could be any one of a dozen different theme parks and vacation destinations. The Mouse, Harry Potter, Universal Studios - they're all here. But they're not the drawing card for us. We're here at the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show. [ READ MORE... ]
Like the old Maclean home in Missoula, MT the Kasprowicz place in northern Virginia is home to two brothers. And like Norman and Paul Maclean, these two guys are passionate about fly fishing. While they live far from the junction of any great trout rivers, that hasn’t stopped them from tying some [ READ MORE... ]
It’s Montana. You know you want to fish there this summer. I want to fish there this summer. We all want to fish there this summer. The only real questions have to do with the details: How? When? Where? The good news is that neither of us has to know the answers to any of those questions because [ READ MORE... ]
One of the highest forms of praise for any of us in the fly fishing world is to be recognized by the best for being the best. Our peers know excellence because they provide excellence. That’s why I was so happy when Madison Valley Ranch was recognized by Orvis at the recent Orvis Guide Rendezvous [ READ MORE... ]
In the heart of this mountain country is Boone, NC. And in the heart of Boone is Due South Outfitters, a professional fly fishing guide service, serving the North Carolina high country and surrounding areas. Due South Outfitters is owned and operated by Patrick Sessoms, an alumnus of Appalachian [ READ MORE... ]
One of the great things about working and living in the world of fly fishing (and about conservation) is that you meet some truly great people. Matthew Long is one of those people. He owns and operates Long Outfitting in Livingston, MT. Soft-spoken and devoid of hype, Matthew is the ultimate [ READ MORE... ]
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The Walt Report 050615.1
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Wanna fish the Snake? You can do that - a little...
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From our friend Jason Balogh at Fish the Fly here in Jackson. Good news!