About Us

TroutRoutes is a mapping platform that helps anglers identify and navigate trout streams. Using a proprietary nationalized stream class system, we help anglers identify great trout streams, while also providing extensive insight on public lands, trails, parking, stream conditions, and more.

What we do

We provide a mapping service in the form of a smartphone app called TroutRoutes which provides anglers insights on trout streams. Our mapping service involves mapping and individually classifying every trout stream, publicly accessible lands & fishing easements, an extensive database of trails for stream access, parking spots, USGS stream gages, and more.

Where we do it

The TroutRoutes project began in Minnesota, covering over 800 designated trout streams. Today, in early 2020, TroutRoutes is available on both Android and iOS and covers over 4,000 trout streams over 7 states, including Colorado.


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