The Snake River is experiencing a dramatic drop in salmon and steelhead populations, the result of decades of dwindling returns. If not reversed, it is likely these iconic fish will face extinction.

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What the science tells us about four dams on the Lower Snake River: Explaining the impacts dams have on Snake River salmon and steelhead and why their removal is necessary for fish recovery.

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Explaining the impacts dams have on Snake River salmon and steelhead and why their removal is necessary for fish recovery

This year, Idaho (the final spawning destination for most) saw some of the worst returns on record for both salmon and steelhead. In the 1800s, an estimated 4 million salmon and steelhead made it to the Snake River Basin, gaining 6,000 feet in elevation over 800 miles they swam from the ocean to spawn. Today, after crossing eight dams, only a fraction of that number return.

As anglers, scientists, volunteers and advocates, Trout Unlimited is wholly committed to a future that includes fish. We cannot fathom the alternative.

TU, with partners and volunteers, has put millions of dollars on the ground in the Pacific Northwest, restoring and reconnecting important salmon and steelhead habitat.  It is our audacious vision that we will once again see salmon and steelhead return en masse to our rivers; bending the rods of anglers and restoring our local economies.

What you can do today:

Tell your story

As populations of salmon and steelhead continue to dwindle, anglers are seeing more closures of rivers, impacting not only fishing seasons, but also the businesses and communities dependent on those seasons.

This is not “business as usual.” We as anglers should be concerned. With almost $17 billion invested in mitigation for the four lower Snake River dams, fish populations continue to dwindle. It’s time to rethink what recovery means for sportsmen, communities, guides, outfitters, salmon and steelhead.

Send your story to your elected officials and tell them why now is the time to come to the table and solve this decades-old problem.  

Trout Unlimited will collect these stories and share them with relevant decision makers such as the Governors, Representatives and Senators of Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

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