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Wilderness Place Lodge is Alaska fishing at its finest

Imagine this: Alaska. Wilderness. Strong runs of all five Pacific salmon species. Rainbow trout. Northern pike. Rustic elegance. Great food. Friendly hosts. I have more words to describe Wilderness Place Lodge, but if I could tell you all the great things about this place, it would take a lot more room than we have here. This is the Alaskan fishing experience at its finest.

Jason Rockvam and Cory Wendt operate Wilderness Place Lodge, located 70 breath-takingly beautiful airline miles northwest of Anchorage. It’s remote, located off the road system on Lake Creek, near its confluence with the Yentna River. The valley is part of an incredible spectacle of what remains from its glacial past. From the lodge, you can see Denali on a clear day. But clear or not, the fishing is great. From June through August, the staff WPL can put you on fish. Rainbows, kings, silvers, sockeyes, pinks, chums — the timing varies, but the quality is always great.

And speaking of quality, let’s talk about accommodations. There’s more to a great fishing trip than fishing, and they understand that at WPL. A well-fueled angler is a happy angler, and Chef Derek understands that. You’ll enjoy hearty breakfasts in the lodge or on the water, lunches made to fit your plans for the day and an all-out Alaskan dinner including fresh salmon, Alaskan halibut or rockfish along with standards like prime rib and rack of lamb. The guest cabins along Lake Creek are designed with comfort in mind – knotty pine interiors and comfort foam mattresses. Comfort is key after a full day of fishing or exploring.

It’s a wonderful experience, and these are wonderful people. At Trout Unlimited, we applaud the leadership of Jason and Cory at Wilderness Place Lodge for their success in uniting fellow lodge owners,  fisheries biologists and commercial fishermen to create the first-ever Susitna and Yentna drainage king salmon plan.  The regulations resulting from the new plan put fish first, allow an equal opportunity for all user groups and allow anglers to practice catch and release for king salmon. It’s just this sort of  proactive approach that will help ensure a future for Alaska’s state fish. 

We’re proud to say that Wilderness Place Lodge is a TU Business member.

Wilderness Place Lodge (L)

Jason Rockvam/Cory Wendt

Anchorage, AK 99519

(877) 753-3474