A memorial for a giant

A few weeks ago, the Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited and other partners met in Lovells, Michigan to dedicate a memorial to Art Neumann, the last surviving founder of Trout Unlimited who passed away last year.

It was a great day, and Art’s kids—TU members in good standing—attended the dedication, and wanted me to pass on to all of the staff, volunteers and supporters of TU how much they appreciate you continuing their Dad’s legacy.

I visited with Art a month or so before he passed. He was warm and lucid, and talked about the “old days.” On my way out the door, he punched me on the leg—remember he was 99 years old—and said, “Don’t forget to keep up the fight for trout!”

Art was the author of the Philosophy of Trout Unlimited. It says:

“Trout fishing isn’t just fishing for trout… It’s subscribing to the proposition that what’s good for trout is good for trout fishermen and that managing trout for the trout rather than for the trout fishermen is fundamental to the solution of our trout problems. It’s appreciating our trout, respecting fellow anglers and giving serious thought to tomorrow.”

Those words remain as true today as they did 57 years ago when Art Neumann helped found Trout Unlimited.

— Chris Wood

By Chris Wood. Chris has worked at TU for 22 years, and is not the best angler, but he is among the most earnest.