Conservation Community

An Incredible Year of Local, Grassroots Impact

Thanks to more than 300,000 volunteers, members and supporters, TU’s local impact continues to grow, with more than 731,000 volunteer hours reported in fiscal year 2018!

By Jeff Yates

Cold, clean, fishable water doesn’t come easy. It takes the right mix of protected headwater habitat, reconnected stream systems and the constant restoration of degraded areas to remain a thriving home for our country’s native and wild trout and salmon.

And it takes all of you, our TU volunteers, members and supporters, to make that happen.

In fiscal year 2018, our army of 420 local chapters and councils – and the more than 300,000 TU volunteers, members and supporters who make them tick – stepped up in a big way to make sure that our mission is carried to every corner of the country and our work makes a difference on tiny creeks, softly babbling streams and roaring rivers far and wide.

Thanks to you, and based on the recently finalized Annual Financial Reports submitted by our chapters and councils, we’re proud to say that in the past fiscal year, together we made a difference with:

  • More than 731,000 volunteer hours committed to our mission
  • Over 1,038 conservation projects restoring streams
  • A total of 1,595 youth education programs inspiring the next generation
  • More than 604 veterans programs and events welcoming and connecting those who serve our country
  • Over 160 events geared specifically for women and minorities and helping recruit 226 volunteer leaders
  • An astounding 1,744 community outreach events, connecting with anglers and conservationists from coast to coast
  • More than 2,971 local chapter meetings, building a strong and vibrant community of conservation
  • Our chapters and councils also raised over $10.3 million for important local conservation and education efforts

While these numbers alone are impressive, the rapid growth we are seeing in areas that speak to the overall health and strength of our locally-led chapters and councils proves that TU’s impact is growing.

According to this past year’s report, our chapters and councils have recruited an army of more than 3,100 volunteer leaders who serve on chapter and council boards and committees. Importantly, nearly half of those leaders stepped up to volunteer in just the past four years, a clear sign that we are growing and attracting more and new talent to lead local efforts!

All of these efforts, from the conservation and education hours and projects, to the work of developing important internal practices, have helped make TU stronger at all levels.

Thank to all you have done this past year – and in prior years – TU’s impact continues to grow and our community continues to become more diverse, inclusive and inviting to all.

We can’t wait to see all you will achieve in this coming year!

Jeff Yates is TU’s Director of Volunteer Operations. A local TU volunteer himself, Jeff lives and works out of Connecticut.

By Jeff Yates. A Trout Unlimited member since age 11, Jeff is a passionate conservationist and avid angler who sees opportunities to care for and recover our rivers and streams at every turn. As the Director of Volunteer Operations, Jeff and his team support, train and lead the more than 420 local chapters and state councils of TU across the country and are priveleged to work with the more than 4,000 volunteers who lead them as board and committee members. An author, fly fishing guide and avid outdoors person, Jeff lives in Connecticut with his wife Kit, and step-daughters Katie and Kat as well as their three rescue dogs, Tahoe, Sparrow and Jack. When he's not at his desk - or out in the field working with volunteers - Jeff splits his time boulder hopping along small native Brook Trout streams and hiking rocky terrain.