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Embrace A Stream Challenge: Only 48 hours left to 'Give Where You Fish'

Join Trout Unlimited and Orvis in helping 17 local TU chapters — made up of members and volunteers like you — restore the rivers they love and unlock $20,000 in cash prizes to support their work.

Together we’ve already raised more than $31,000 for these great projects, and with just 48 hours left in the contest, you can ensure the rivers you care about get the help they need by making a donation now in the Embrace A Stream Challenge.

This fun, week-long online competition encouraging all of us to “Give Where You Fish” ends at midnight on Sunday, Nov. 8, so go to now to check out the 17 local TU projects you can support.

The premise of the contest is simple, Orvis and TU have put up a $20,000 prize pool and invited select, volunteer-led projects to compete to win their share of the funds.

But they need your help to win.

You can support one or more of the projects on rivers by donating $10 or more. Every dollar donated goes directly to that TU chapter project, and your gift can help the chapter unlock matching funds and additional cash prizes of $100 to $500 for their work.

For example, Orvis and TU are offering a 50-cent match for every dollar raised up to $1,000, and the chapter with the most donations will win a $500 cash prize! There are more than 100 different prizes and match offers, meaning every donation – no matter the size – counts and your $10 donation could mean an additional $100 or more in funding for the projects that you choose.

Don’t wait — donate today at and help Orvis give back to the rivers – and the sport of fly fishing – that we all care so deeply about.

Since 1975, TU’s Embrace A Stream program has awarded more than $4.9 million in grants to over 1,100 local chapter projects that bring TU’s mission to the local level.