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Strong science, vocal public opposition stopped Pebble. The stickers helped.

The decision to deny the permit for the proposed Pebble Mine came from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last month after finding the mine plan incompatible with Clean Water Act standards and “against public interest.”

Backed by strong science, a complete permit review process, and overwhelming public opposition that started in Bristol Bay and spread through communities nationwide, this decision is met with a sigh of relief and gratitude from anglers everywhere.

This decision wouldn’t have been made possible without thousands of Trout Unlimited members and friends submitting comments and signing petitions, calling elected officials, and of course, rocking “No Pebble Mine” stickers for nearly two decades. Thank you.

From Bristol Bay to you, thank you. from Save Bristol Bay on Vimeo.

Watch the extended version of this video with submissions from members nationwide!

The “No Pebble Mine” sticker has made it to every nook and cranny of our global fishing community. You’ve proudly placed them on car bumpers, boats, rod tubes and more for nearly 20 years, showing your support for the most prolific wild sockeye salmon fishery on our planet. This support helped spread the word about what we had to lose with the Pebble proposal that barreled forward with no signs of stopping. But now, with Pebble’s permit denied and the immediate threat out of the way, we want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your voices, your support and your passion for Bristol Bay. From the bottom of our fish-filled hearts, thank you.

The grassroots effort to stop Pebble was also made possible because of anglers and hunters from all sides of the political spectrum coming together to stop a mine plan that was risky, fraudulent and at its core, a terrible idea. Bristol Bay is a powerful example of what we can accomplish when we work together in the name of conservation.

The effort to stop the proposed Pebble mine shows the power of putting our differences aside in the name of conservation. Photo: Cook Inletkeeper

While we are celebrating this massive win for Bristol Bay, and the end of Pebble right now, our work is far from over. Bristol Bay still does not have permanent protections, meaning Pebble (or other mining companies) could make another run at developing the region in the future. Please stick with us as we work to advance community-supported, long-term protections for the Bristol Bay region.

By Meghan Barker.