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Quick tip: use 2x4s for a drift boat trailer stand

Raft-folk, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about, but if you own a drift boat and store it outside for any length of time you understand what a problem snow and rain can pose, no matter the material of your boat.

I learned long ago that raising your bow in the air, chocking your wheels, and leaving your drain plug out can save your butt. Basically storing your boat like this won’t allow errant water or melted snow to accumulate in your hull. It’s a boat, I know… but standing water in anything isn’t good, especially a wooden boat.

I almost destroyed a newly refurbished wooden drift boat years ago by not checking on it for a couple of weeks. Unbeknownst to me after a stretch of gnarly storms, inches of standing water accumulated in the boat for many days. It seeped into the wood, expanding and eventually breaking the chine battens. She was stored flat on the trailer. That was a heart breaker…

Putting the bow in the air lets your boat drain while you almost do nothing. Truth be told I do own one of those fancy kickstands with a quick-release for easy storage and travel. But… all you really need is a couple of 2x4s and a couple of screws (see the photo above).

It takes up a bit more room and you’d better make sure your wheels are chocked really well, but it’ll work. It’s cheap, easy to make and you can make one almost anywhere.