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    The most over-the-top drift boat ever?

    Did the headline grab you? Good, because this might be a slight exaggeration. Or maybe not. Over the weekend, my buddy sent me a link to a boat over on a group we belong to on Facebook called Drift Boats Unlimited. In the posting, a gentleman named Grant Brown had about 25 images of a…

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    Quick tip: use 2x4s for a drift boat trailer stand

    I almost destroyed a newly refurbished wooden drift boat years ago by not checking on it for a couple of weeks

    Raft-folk, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you own a drift boat and store it outside for any length of time you understand what a problem snow and rain can pose, no matter the material of your boat. I learned long ago that raising your bow in the air, chocking your…

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    Do you even surf, bro?

    What, does this have to do with fishing you ask? Nothing really, other than it got me pondering about utilizing whitewater techniques for fishing and vice versa.

    The absurd image and video you see here is me taking one of my boats out for its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago on the North Saint Vrain (thank you Charlie Bloch for the video). We got said boat more for paddling fun on local creeks and rivers, and stealthy fish missions --…

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    From the TROUT Magazine vault: Restoration

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the Summer of 2015. Two years ago, I took possession of a weathered 15-year- old wooden fishing dory from my friend Andy Toohey. “Took possession,” because I didn’t buy it, and he didn’t want it. He let me have that boat, but only after…