Boats are for fishing?

Most people in the fishing realm “get into” boats for one reason. To get to the fish. As an angler first, that’s why I was initially intrigued too — it was a means to an end. These days, though, there’s more to a boat for me than just the fishing.

I’m almost to point where I’m more interested in the actual boats and people in them rather than the fishing. Almost. Don’t get me wrong, I love a solid day of fishing, but it’s all the little bits that come along with a day of being on a boat I love almost as much. The landscape, my kids, getting to the river, a specific rapid, or campsite.

As a photographer in the space these little vignettes speak to me as much as the fishing, if not more. Here a few random images picked as a slideshow from the archives that speak to me in that way. Hopefully they will for you too. Enjoy.

By Tim Romano.