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The most over-the-top drift boat ever?

Did the headline grab you? Good, because this might be a slight exaggeration. Or maybe not.

Over the weekend, my buddy sent me a link to a boat over on a group we belong to on Facebook called Drift Boats Unlimited. In the posting, a gentleman named Grant Brown had about 25 images of a boat he is selling. He built it off some plans of Jason Cajune’s of Cajune Boatbuilding fame. Side note, if you’ve never visited Jason’s site, you’ll be blown away by his designs and incredible skill when you finally do.

Grant’s post says, “Up for grabs is my 17′ Kingfisher home build. The hull shape is a Jason Cajune design. I made this as strong as I could in any area possible. All the doors and hatches are laminated with various types of wood. They each are equipped with an antler pull handle. The two fishermen positions have steam bent swivel seats that can be locked into different positions by the turn of an antler. The anchor arm is a combination of two Elk antlers and Mahogany pulley wheels. All antlers are coated in clear UV epoxy. The rear knee locks are equipped with antler cup holders and American Cherry wood pork chops, and at the base of the front knee lock is a trout design. There are many little things throughout the boat that truly make it one of a kind. Due to my current living situation I must sell my boat. I built the boat for myself and had no intention to sell it, so I understand if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It is currently Located in Lander Wyoming.  “

Beyond the description check out some of these photos of the detail work below with all of the sheds (he found) as handles for dry storage, the anchor mount, cup holders, etc… It’s really just completely over the top.

Oh… and it’s for sale. He doesn’t give a price, but I can’t imagine this going for less than $30,000. Probably more… You can DM Grant here on Facebook if interested.

What say you? Have you ever seen any drift boat this insane?