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Video: tips for paddling a canoe on your own

I will be the first to admit, canoes intimidate me. Especially paddling one solo.

I’m a rower. I even row canoes if possible… The problem is canoes can go just about everywhere and are found on every type of water. They are a ubiquitous craft in the fishing and boating world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been offered a canoe to use as they are typically just “lying around” on someone’s lake property or overturned next to the river and easy to flip over and just go. Problem is, for those of us used to rowing, they can be difficult to captain solo.

After watching this video from Paddling Magazine and Canoeroots I can say the next time I get in a canoe solo I’ll be much better prepared from these simple paddling tips they expertly explain here in this video.

By Tim Romano.