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What's in a boat's name?

I’ve always thought that a boat’s name was supposed to be of the female sex. Why? I haven’t the foggiest …

Something about ancient goddesses, or important mortal women when interest in goddesses waned. When was that? I have no idea… Nevertheless, the first and only boat I’ve built thus far, a “Northeastern Rowing Dory” from Chesapeake Light Craft, I named after my first born child. I figured, first boat — first kid, it all lined up. For the record she’s got a pretty damn good name if I do say so myself.

It’s Mabel James, and that’s what I named the boat. Mabel was random (and old-fashioned I’m told), James after her grandfather and my amazing father-in-law who passed away a couple of years ago far too soon. I had a fantastic old-school sign painter here in my town do the dirty work once I was done with the rest. He’s amazing and has done a few other boats for me.

My question to you all is what’s in a boat’s name? Do they have to be women? I don’t think so. I’ve heard funny boat names, classy boat names, dirty boat names (I’m looking at you Miami), fishing-themed boat names, etc. I’d love to know of the few of the best boat names you’ve had the pleasure of using? Boats you’ve seen? Ideas you’ve got saved for your next boat… Lay em on us!