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Fly Tying: Catskill-style Red Quill

I love our fly fishing heritage. I love the way our craft is steeped in tradition. And there are some flies that just emote the glorious past of fly fishing—flies like the Red Quill, tied in the video below by Joe Fox.

As Tim Flagler describes it, Fox is “fly-tying royalty,” based largely on his Catskill roots and the history and tradition of fly fishing in his neck of the woods.

And the Red Quill is part of that tradition, one that’s honored by Fox, who ties it just like his grandparents used to tie it.

“Why change something that looks so good?” Flagler asks.

Agreed. Completely. Here’s to Fox for honoring his own roots and carrying forward the rich history of our craft for today’s generation of anglers to enjoy.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.