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Fly tying: Early Euro Black Stone

As Tim Flagler notes in the video below, for many anglers, the early black stonefly represents the beginning of the spring bug season. Midges are still prominent in most American trout streams, and should still be in every fly box, but the bigger stones are starting to show up, and the trout are taking note.

The pattern Tim ties above—the Early Euro Black Stone—is a simple, small-ish stonefly nymph pattern that he’s altered a bit to include a “hot-spot” collar in hopes of attracting attention. I have a feeling, with that bright orange, it’ll do just that. If nothing else, it’ll attract my attention in the fly box, and I’ll be happy to put it to use here in a few weeks on the lower Henry’s Fork.

And, as Tim notes, once you get the hang of it, you can tie several in no time at all. That’s my kind of fly pattern.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.