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Fly Tying: Egan's Red Dart

Yes, it’s still January, and here in Idaho, most of spring’s upcoming runoff is either stacked a couple feet deep along our rivers, or it’s yet to fall as still more snow. But when the weather does warm up, and that snow begins to melt, many anglers will be looking for the ideal high-water fly pattern for trout.

Above, Tim Flagler ties Lance Egan’s Red Dart—a go-to fly during high water in the East, and the brainchild of one of the best nymph anglers here in the West. The fly, as Tim calls it, is a “festival of color and texture,” and it gets deep quickly thanks to the lead-free wire used in the pattern. It’s ideal for banging the banks during runoff, and trout can’t seem to stay away from it. Also, it’s not too tough to tie.

Give it a whirl and see what you think.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.