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Fly tying: Herter's Bastard Midge

Winter midge fishing can be really productive—it just takes commitment from us fair-weather anglers to get out on the water and brave the blustery conditions.

Oh, and the right fly, of course.

Above, Tim Flagler ties a winter classic—Herter’s Bastard Midge. It looks tougher to tie than in really is, even in the dimunitive size 20. It’s a handsome fly, and it floats really well, making it visible on dark, gloomy, winter days. I’d put this fly to work on the lower Henry’s Fork on winter days when it’s just warm enough to keep my guides ice-free—these are the days when midge activity is at its peak, and hungry trout are looking up.

See what you think—because it’s so easy to tie, it might deserve a spot in your winter fly box.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.