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Fly tying: Jig hooks and slotted beads

I’m seeing more jig hooks on shelves in fly shops than I ever have before. For a while, I thought maybe it was just a fad … a passing trend. But it appears, because of the effectiveness of jig hooks used in nymph patterns, the hooks and the slotted beads that go with them are likely here to stay.

Using jig hooks and slotted beads does take some finesse, however. When fitted correctly, and when the fly is complete, the finished product will drift in a more upright position through the water column, putting the sharp hook point in a better position to hook and hold a fish than a traditional straigh-shanked hook.

Check out the two videos above from Tim Flagler. Follow the instructions to seating the slotted bead on the correctly sized jig hook, and you’re ready to start tying nymphs that might help you catch more fish.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.