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Fly tying: My Friend the Sticky Pad

Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned a lot from Tim Flagler, fly-tying extraordinaire. Not only has he, through his video tying series that we feature each Friday here on the TU blog, helped become a better fly tier, but I really enjoy some of the simple little tips he shares to make my tying easier.

This one might be my favorite. I’ve been tying some small fall streamers for the Firehole—which should be cooling down here pretty quick from a warm summer and about prime for migrating brown trout—and I’ve generally made a mess of my tying table. Tim’s use of the simple sticky pad has helped me keep my space generally clean, and I’m also using it to mix epoxy for hard-headed flies. Not only is Tim a genius at the vise, he’s full of great little tips that make my life easier.

Now… I wonder if he’s got some tips that will help me clean up my garage…

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.