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Fly tying: October Caddis Euro Nymph

Here in the West, October caddis usually start to show up after the first chilly squalls of September. The same is true, according to Tim Flagler, in the Northeast. I love the October hatch because it will usually last through Indian Summer until the first in-earnest high-country snowfall, usually sometime in November.

In the video above, Flagler ties the Euro nymph version of the October caddis, a fly that can be deadly as a dropper below a fluffy dry-fly version of the fall caddis, or simply fished Euro-style with a high-stick nymph rod. I might even consider fishing it on the swing. It looks like a deadly pattern and after watching Tim tie it, I think it’s doable for a ham-handed tier like me.

Give it a shot and see what you think.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.