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Fly-tying: Parachute post, 90-degree method

Parachute posts for mayfliles and other dries must be on everybody’s brain right now. They’re certainly on mine, as spring and summer are rapidly approaching. Perhaps I’m just the victim of a complex data-mining scheme?

At any rate, last week, we showed you Tim Flagler’s Orvis video instructing you on how to tie a simple parachute post. This week, we’re doubling down.

Above, Tim uses generally the same method, but instead of tying the post in with the hook in the vise at its traditional angle, Tim tips the hook 90 degrees. In word, brilliant. It just looks so much easier, and I will certainly give this a shot the next time I’m tying parachutes at the bench.

See what you think. I’ll be you’ll be like me— I did a total face-palm, and might have muttered something like, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.