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Fly tying: Perdigon-style Zebra Midge

The first time I ever used a Zebra Midge, I was bundled up in Neoprene waders and walking my float tube down the S-curves of Idaho’s Silver Creek. Full disclosure: I’m not an enthusiastic nympher, and floating a sunken midge nymph under an indicator is probably my least-favorite brand of fly angling. But when I stuck a couple of majestic and spirited 22-inch rainbows on a size 20 midge, I managed to forget the method and enjoy the ride. Who wouldn’t?

The Zebra Midge is a tried-and-true fly for picky tailwater and spring creek trout, particularly in late fall and winter (which, judging by the angle of the sun these days, isn’t all that far off, sadly).

In the video above, Tim Flagler ties a very durable iteration of the Zebra Midge, “perdigon style,” using Coq de Leon fibers for a longer tail that might give the fly a bit of a swimming motion to it and attract finicky fish that are holding and waiting for small bites of protein to drift by. I like this pattern because of the UV coating and the additional epoxy coat that makes it truly impermeable. Fished correctly, this fly should last a while.


— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.