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Fly tying: The Chernobyl Ant

It’s the best time of year for dry-fly fishers. It’s “terrestrial season.”

Hoppers, beetles and ants are the flavor of the day, and high-floating foam imitations are among the best flies out there to chase top-water trout that are looking for big meals during this rare time of plenty.

Here, Tim Flagler ties the infamous Chernobyl Ant. This wildly effective fly, tied with basic craft foam and rubber legs is a simple tie and can be crafted in various sizes. Dosed with Gink and floated high, this pattern is a gawdy representation of any number of terrestrial bugs that end up on the water this time of year.

And, as Tim points out, the Chernobyl Ant isn’t just for trout—bass and bluegill love it, too. And, he says, it’s not just a western pattern. It works great for summer panfish all over the country.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.