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Fly tying: The Deadpool Midge

Profane and hilarious, the central character of “Deadpool” became an instant hero when the Marvel Comics movie was released last year.

So, here’s the Deadpool midge, and it seems obvious how it got its name. It’s black and red, matching the mercenary-turned-superhero’s garb.

But could there be a double entendre at work? You know, this fly is so effective it will work even in pool that seems dead? Probably not. It’s probably just the color.

This fly is not the easiest midge to tie, but it’s not bad. After all, Tim Flagler’s instructional video clocks in at just a hair over three minutes.

Tie up a bunch of these — maybe while simultaneously re-watching the movie, which rates a whopping 84 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes — and go put the hurting on some big, bad trout.

By Mark Taylor.