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Fly tying: The Parachute Hendrickson

The venerable Hendrickson, the fly tied to imitate the famous hatch that’s well under way on rivers in the East, is more than just a match-the-hatch pattern. Here in the West, we use the Hendrickson as an attractor mayfly pattern starting in spring and early summer, because it does a serviceable job imitating one of the first mayflies to hatch out here—the March Brown.

Above, Tim Flagler incorporates a host of less-than-traditional tying methods to tie the parachute version of the Hendrickson. It’s a great pattern that floats high and dry and, in different colors, can be a good attractor throughout the spring and summer tying season. See what you think about the non-conventional tying methods for the post and the hackle—particularly the UV resin used to craft the post.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.