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Fly tying: The pinch wrap

Sometimes, we take the little things for granted. As a long-time (but hardly accomplished) fly tier, I’ve incorporated a few of the basic tying tactics into just about every fly I produce at the vise.

As you’ll see above in this great little Orvis video, Tim Flagler demonstrates the pinch wrap, which has become one of those elementary methods most tiers use when crafting flies at the vise. It’s simple, effective and secure, and it offers the tier great flexibility when tying in things like delicate hackle tails or even more bulky materials, like chenille, or even the new “dragon tails” that I’m jusing on a host of pike flies I’m working on for a trip north next month.

Mastering the pinch wrap will help you become a better tier, and not just over time. You’ll be better the instant you start using it.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.