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Fly tying: The Red and Black Midge

Midge nymph patterns are deliciously simple to tie, and the pattern Tim Flagler demonstrates in the video below is no exception. I love any fly that uses simple thread as a true fly ingredient, not just something to fasten all the other ingredients to the hook. The Red and Black Midge is dependen

t on three simple ingredients, one of which is black tying thread.

Tim notes the simplicity with which this fly is tied, and I agree. That said, I’d urge caution using the tubing, making sure it’s securely attached when you start stretching it—trust me, this is a mistake that comes from experience. Not unlike the Dead Pool Midge pattern from last week, Tim notes that these small midge nymphs ride nicely in the water column at fish-eye level, and they’re great early-season searching patterns when it’s not entirely obvious what the fish are after.

In short, it’s a simple fly for many occasions.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.