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Fly tying: The Slumpbuster

The Slumpbuster is a John Barr creation, and it’s intent is exactly as the name implies. It’s big. It’s heavy. It pushes water. It’s the “look at me!” fly that we all search for when things are slow, the action suddenly ceases or under high water when finding fish might be a bit of a challenge.

I like to use the Slumpbuster in smaller sizes than Tim Flagler ties in the video above. While it certainly works in big sizes, on smaller freestone streams, the smaller profile seems to more representative of small baitfish. Tied in olive in a size 10, it’s a great imitation of swimming damselfly or dragonfly nymph on small lakes in my area. The fish literally eat it up.

The bonus? It’s an easy tie at the vise.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.