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Fly tying: The Tarpon Toad

I’m in saltwater mode, prepping for a trip to flats next week, and I’ve been exploring some patterns not only for bonefish and permit, but also for tarpon, jacks, barracuda and even small sharks.

You never know, you know?

I’ve been following some the Loon Live demonstrations that Matt Callies gives the first and third Thursdays every month, and I stumbled on the Tarpon Toad pattern he ties in the video above. It’s a fairly simple tie at the vise, and I suppose the tier could alter colors as needed—my initial thought was, “Damn, that would be sweet in chartreusse.” I’ve tied up a few in various colors, and I’m hopeful the tarpon on the Mayan Riviera will be willing to play ball.

Saltwater flies are among my favorit to tie, largely because they’re big and fat-finger friendly. I always tend to tie too many when I sit down at the vise, but that’s a good problem to have, right? Hopefully, I’ll have some tarpon stories to share when I get back.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.