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Fly tying: The WD 40 Plus

‘Tis the season for emergers. Cold-weather flies like midges and even Blue-winged Olives are popping on warmer winter days in rivers all over America, and trout are always looking for them.

In the video below, Tim Flagler ties a popular fly with a couple of little variations—his WD 40 Plus is just a slightly fancier version than the original—that is a tried and tested emerger that trout love.

Yes, it’s a size 22, but even I might give this fly a shot (I generally avoid tying flies bigger than size 18, simply because my ham-handed technique combined with age-impacted eyesight makes these flies a real pain). It’s a fairly simple pattern, and Tim has introduced a technique to me that all but ensures the hook eye will be free from obstruction once I go to tie it on the tippet (another issue I tend to have with tiny flies).

If you’re ready for some winter fishing, this emerger pattern is surely one you’ll want to have in your fly box. Good luck out there.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.