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Fly tying: UV resin for parachute posts

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve focused on parachute posts, largely because they can confound some folks at the vise. First, we showed you a traditional method, then we showed you the 90-degree method. Now, Tim Flagler offers up still another method for tying effective parachute posts, this one involving UV resin.

I thought, at first, the 90-degree method for tying in posts was as brilliant as it is simple. But now, I’m eager to try the method Tim demonstrates above. As the resin hardens, it crafts an easy to navigate post that can be wrapped effortlessly with tying thread and hackle, and it might be the solution for fat-fingered tiers like me who struggle with the intricate thread work that comes with tying in good posts.

If you get a chance to try it before I do, let me know what you think.

— Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt.